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Maharishi University of Management: Education for Enlightenment

Maharishi University of Management: Education for Enlightenment

210 pages, full color

Published Date: September 2011

As Maharishi University of Management celebrates its 40th anniversary, we are happy to announce the publication of Maharishi University of Management: Education for Enlightenment, The Story of Consciousness-Based Education.

Four years in the making, this stunning pictorial essay describes Maharishi's foundational principles for achieving higher states of consciousness through an educational system that provides access to the unbounded creative potential of the brain combined with the intellectual understanding of Total Knowledge, the field of pure consciousness, and how it applies to all of the academic disciplines. Filled with beautiful pictures of campus life.

The remarkable outcomes of MUM students are detailed along with the latest scientific research which demonstrates how only Consciounsess-Based education can provide a solution to the malaise being experienced by educators and students around the world.

A must for your library or your coffee table.



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